Matt Rees

A little about me

With a decade of experience in personal property investment, the transition for Matt from 20 years in professional technical IT roles to property advisory services and sales in englobo land parcels was an easy choice.

As a homeowner in the Norwest region, Matt has seen many farms and rural property owners in his area sell their home to facilitate Sydney’s growing population. The Norwest region has seen exponential growth in the last 10 years, but these types of exchanges can be complex, stressful and, at times, extremely emotional for landowners.

A successful transaction is different for every landowner, but each transaction needs to involve support and expertise to achieve the success the landowner is looking for. Matt understands this and works with his clients to remove complexity, ease their stress, and provide clarity to emotional discussions. He does this through his knowledge of englobo land, his network of buyers, and the deep expertise of the Create Property Group team of professionals who have consistently delivered successful results, setting benchmarks in Edmondson Park and Leppington, and Austral’s new development catchments.

Matt is committed to always offering the best possible service, by getting to the heart of what matters most to his clients and allowing them to take the time they need to focus on the other important things in their life.